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Statewide Website Assessment: Findings, recommendations, and tools for improving usability
This site is for website managers to review findings and recommendations (Report); access tools and resources for improving usability (Resources); and preview design concepts with demonstrative code that highlight leading practices (Examples) from the Statewide Website Assessment project.

What's on This Site?

About the Site

This site has been prepared by Ernst & Young LLP ("EY") by its EY Intuitive team for the Legal Services Corporation ("LSC"). The nature and scope of EY's services were determined solely by the agreement between EY and LSC (the "Agreement"). EY's procedures were limited to those described in the Agreement. Other persons who access this site who are not a party to the Agreement do so at their own risk and are not entitled to rely on it for any purpose. EY assumes no duty, obligation or responsibility whatsoever to any other parties that may obtain access to the Report.

The services performed were advisory in nature. While EY's work in connection with this Report was performed under the standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (the AICPA), EY did not render an assurance report or opinion under the Agreement, nor did its services constitute an audit, review, examination, forecast, projection or any other form of attestation as those terms are defined by the AICPA. None of the services provided constituted any legal opinion or advice. This Report is not being issued in connection with any issuance of debt or other financing transaction, and may not be quoted in connection with the purchase or sale of any securities.

In the preparation of this site, EY relied on information provided by LSC and publicly available resources. EY has not conducted an independent assessment or verification of the completeness, accuracy or validity of the information obtained.