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Demos are examples of the design concepts demonstrated through code from the Statewide Website Assessment project. Because the code is demonstrative and the designs are conceptual, this section of the site is meant to inform and inspire the network. It is not prescriptive or intended for direct implementation.

Each demo highlights some of the leading practices and opportunities described in the report. These demos were built using the building blocks found in this site. Select a demo from the options below and then toggle among the different device options to see how it would render across devices.

The Article Detail page is a common content-rich page on the legal aid websites. Most other pages of the sites direct users to these types of detail pages. Many sites across the network are designed with the expectation that a user will begin on the homepage, identify a topic, navigate to a subtopic, choose a particular article from the list, and ultimately end up on an article detail page.

The Referral Services page and the Referral Services Results page references the workflow for legal referrals provided on the legal aid websites. Often the referral services workflow begins when a user clicks on a button that says "Get Legal Help". This type of link takes users to a form where they identify legal issue. Once they have entered that information, they are presented with a list of lawyers or legal organizations that they can contact or visit to seek assistance.