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Video Resources

This page features two presentations on this project from the 2017 LSC TIG Conference. These videos are password protected, but LSC is happy to share them with the access to justice community. Please contact us ( for the password.

Moving Toward a User-Centered Experience for Legal Aid Site Visitors

Panelists shared assessment details during this session including the evaluation approach, detailed findings, and recommendations for the legal aid community. Attendees also had an opportunity to ask questions and engage in an open discussion about the assessment.

Next Steps for Creating High-Quality Content and User Experiences

Panelists focused on how the findings and recommendations from the project could help steer the statewide website community towards creating content-rich sites that offer high-quality user experiences. Additionally, the panel discussed a 2016 TIG awarded to Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut to enhance user experience and mobile compatibility of the Connecticut statewide website based significantly on findings and recommendations from the evaluation.